Friday, 9 November 2007

Feline Leukemia Virus Disease: A Major Threat to your Cat

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Just like in humans, cats can develop very deadly medical conditions. One of the most common and fatal kinds of disease a cat can contract is feline leukemia virus disease, known as FeLV.

Leukemia, which is also found in humans, is a disease of the white blood cells. There are three major types of this leukemia. Today, we can protect our cats for FeLV with a vaccine, so it is important to have your pet up-to-date with medical care at all times.

With FeLV, there are three disease categories. The first are the leukemias, which are similar to what leukemia is like in humans. This is cancer of the white blood cells. However, not all FeLV diseases are cancer.

Lymphosarcoma is the second category. Also cancerous, this disease begins in the lymphoid tissue around the lymph nodes. It affects the intestinal tract, kidneys, liver, spine, brain, blood, and bone marrow.

The third category is the non-cancerous diseases that fall under the umbrella of FeLV and include immune suppression, anemia, and arthritis. Some of these medical conditions may also be fatal.

Cats are most commonly exposed to FeLV when they get into fights. FeLV is a virus that is spread mainly through saliva, and the wounds a cat receives from bites during a fight provide an entry point into the body.

Cats can also get FeLV from sharing food or water bowls, grooming one another, and transmission from mother to kittens. If your cat contracts FeLV, there may be many possible outcomes. Some forms of the disease cannot be treated, however, so prevention is important.

Remember, though, that a cat can live with the disease for many years and so your vet can help you choose the best course of action. Cats infected with FeLV are dangerous to other cats, and so they must live in confined single-cat homes, or you can choose euthanasia.

So far, there have been no studies that have found any correlation between this disease in cats and diseases in humans, so your family should be safe. That said, high-risk individuals should avoid contact with a sick animal. This includes newborns, senior citizens, AIDS patients, and chemotherapy patients.

Because the virus cannot live for more than a few hours outside of the cat, you are safe in having cats return to your home as soon as two days after the infected cat is gone. Talk to your vet for more details.



Friday, 24 August 2007

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Top Ten Cats To Choose As Pets

Hi Cat Lovers

I found this excellent article on the top ten breeds as pet cats.

Could you add to the list with your favorite cats,
and the reasons why? Thank you for taking part.

Now On To The Article:

Back in the ancient times, the cats are already around. They are even placed in elevated positions in civilizations like Egypt.

Today, any one can enjoy owning a cat. There are no restrictions at all in owning them, unlike other pets that require high maintenance and are subject to state or federal regulation.

A cat can also help you forget an exhausting day at work or at school. It can cuddle up to you and purr. It makes you feel protective over the cat.

Caring for a Cat

Any cat lover out there does not need any reason or question for owning one. Yet, for those who do not have a cat they may think that this is a tremendous task.

Actually, cats are the easiest pets to own. Cats are the perfect companions. They do not require much from the owner. They only have to be regularly fed. They also need a shelter.

Cats can be toilet trained too. A simple tray and a few training sessions can dispense with the problem of dealing with their dirt, especially for indoor cats.

Getting Your Own Cat

Having a cat in the household will definitely be an experience you do not want to miss. Again, they can be easily maintained in the household, so there is no need to worry.

All you have to do is to pick one type that will best suit your personality. There are a big number of cat breeds out there to choose from, not to mention those that have been cross-bred.

Each breed has its own distinct characteristic and personality. This can affect how they will behave, how they play and even if they will require further maintenance.

The best thing to do is to pick the best breed for you. Here are the top 10 breeds that you can choose from.

1. Persian Cat
The Persian cat is one of the most popular breeds in town. They are known for their long and fluffy hair that can grow up to 3 inches. They also have beautiful colors that range from white, black, gray, orange or a combination of these colors.
Persian cats require more maintenance in terms of their hair. They also need comfortable environments and they have to feel secured.

2. Siamese Cat
Siamese cats are also very popular. They have markings in their hair that make them very distinct. They also have slender bodies and very elegant posture.
A Siamese cat always wants to be the center of attention. They want to be cared for. They tend to get too noisy or cry a lot if they want to call your attention.

3. Maine Coon Cat
The Maine Coon Cat, or as some would say Mancoon cat, is one of the oldest breeds of cats. Everywhere in the world, there is one you will find as they can withstand warm and even cold climates.
One will be a very loyal addition to the family. They are fun-loving. Their good-natured personality will make them very safe with kids.

4. Ragdoll
Another wonderful breed for soon-to-be pet owners is the ragdoll. This cat has medium length of hair. They are very gentle, easy-going and affectionate.
They are perfect for any household. They only have to be kept indoors, away from the aggressive animals.

5. Burmese Cat
Burmese cats are shorthaired. They have big yellow eyes and very satiny hair. Stroking their hairs are enough for grooming.
Burmese cats tend to be vocal like the Siamese. They only have softer voices. They can get really bonded and trusting with their owners.

6. Manx
The Manx cats are very distinct because of their peculiar backs that end in a shortened tail. Their structure gives them a very rounded look that makes them more adorable and cuddly.
Manx cats are very intelligent and playful. They are even considered as social cats as they love people very much. They can even be playful even around water, making it easier to groom them.

7. Siberian Cat
Siberian cats are known for their proportioned bodies and their furs. Some even claimthat their furs are hypoallergenic, although this is still subject to be confirmed.
These cats are intelligent, loyal and very affectionate. They are almost dog-like in theirpersonality.

8. Somali Cat
Somali cats are long-haired cats that wee from the Abyssinian breed. They have fluffy hair and bottle-brush tails.
They are perfect for owners who want an active, intelligent and playful pet. They can also get very curious. They also shed little hair and thereby perfect for those who do not want too much grooming time.

9. Russian Blue
This breed of cat has blue to bluish-gray coat. They usually have green or dark eyes.
Russian Blues are very playful and intelligent. They also bond really well with their owners but they are very shy to strangers.

10. American Bobtail
American Bobtails are distinctly recognized for their tails that are shorter than the ordinary type and look like it has been specially bobbed. They can have short or long coats. Their eye colors can also vary.


Cats are the most wonderful creatures in the world. They are the beloved pets in most households and neighborhoods. So get your own cat now.

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Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn all about pets and pet care. Visit the cat center to find out more about cat breeds cat care.

Lee writes articles much better than I do. Thank you Lee for sharing


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Extreme Cat Urine

Extreme cat urine is no laughing matter and can have an adverse effect on your social life and your cats health.

A serious cat urine problem can occur due to a variety of reasons and as you can imagine, cat urine cleaning is not much fun and not for the faint hearted !

Extreme cat urine is not easy to clean and you need to make sure that you are using the correct materials and also investigate why your cat has a serious cat urine problem which is causing a very strong odor throughout your house and could be restricting your social events due to the awful smell throughout the house.

Before you even approach the problem of how to clean cat urine you should check on your cats general health and look out for any symptoms that may be contributing to extreme cat urine problems.

Young kittens of course may have the occasional accident and also make sure your cat litter tray is clean as cats can often refuse to use a dirty litter tray and select your furniture instead.

If your cat has a serious cat urine problem you need to deal with this situation immediately as leaving the stain for a number of hours will make the odor more difficult to control and increase the chance of long term staining on your carpet or laminate flooring.

Make sure that any change in circumstances in your cats living conditions are considered when attempting to solve a serious cat urine problem as moving your litter box or even changing the brand of litter may result in your cat deciding to stop using the litter tray and look for more comfortable locations !

If your cat is stressed in any way or suffering from a urinary infection it could cause extreme cat urine with a powerful odor so the best course of action here is to check with your local vet and book your cat in for a full medical check up.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Diarrhea in Cats

It is rare to see cats having diarrhea unless they are suffering from any internal digestive problem. A short episode of diarrhea is relatively harmless, it might be because he has put something in his stomach that he should not and has given him the run. Once your cat clear the unwanted food in his stomach, he should be fine.

The main reason for diarrhea happening in domestic cats is the feeding of milk by cat owners. It is not beneficial to feed your cat milk and water is in fact better for your cat’s health. If you love milk so much and have to feed your cat milk no matter what, you should “cat milk’ instead of the usual milk that human consume. This formula will not give him the run but is extra cost on your part.

If your cat suffers from a persistent diarrhea for a long period of time, he will be losing fluid fast and will lead to a huge loss in vital salts and minerals that will worsen your cat’s health. This would be a serious case and would need immediate veterinary attention.
There are many possible reasons for cat to suffer from a bad diarrhea, and it’s very important to have its cause diagnosed and treated as fast as possible. Whenever possible, you should take a sample of the diarrhea to your veterinary as it would aid him in identifying the causes and diagnosis. You must also take note of your cat diarrhea details – like the frequently and duration of diarrhea happening.

There are many reasons for diarrhea in cats and it's important to have its cause diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If you can, take a sample of the diarrhea with you to the veterinary surgery. This is extremely helpful in aiding diagnosis and will speed up the process so that treatment can start. You should also take details of how often your cat has diarrhea and how long he has had it.

To take proper care of a cat with diarrhea condition, you must maintain a good hygiene level and wash your hands after handling him. If the causes of diarrhea is infection, your cat should be care for in isolation and all his food, utensils and belongings including bedding, litter box and toys should be wash and disinfected thoroughly. It is also advisable to wear gloves when you handle his stool. To prevent your cat from spreading his infection, it is advisable to keep him indoor for a few days until his symptoms go away.

Cat diarrhea is not the biggest cat diseases and a correct treatment advice by your veterinary should enable you to cure your cat easily.
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